World Market Leader in Measuring Systems

Established in 1980, our company develops and produces isotope, X-ray and optical measuring systems for industrial use in the steel, aluminium and metal industries. Our head office is located in Heiligenhaus, Germany, and we currently have a workforce approx. 450 employees on five continents.

Innovation Through Qualification

IMS has a passion for precision and strong belief in quality. High-precision technology requires a maximum focus on quality. We have worked continuously on developing our products further and improving the qualifications of our staff ever since our company was established in 1980. The technical competency we have accumulated as a result, paired with modern technology, enables us to implement high-end custom-built and needs-orientated solutions.

We are especially proud of our Competence and Training Centre (CTC) – our in-house academy where highly qualified internal and external professionals provide training to IMS staff and customers alike.

We are certified


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Innovation through research

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The IMS-Group

We currently have a workforce approx. 450 employees on five continents. We also have numerous representatives around the world. The IMS Group is represented by the following companies.

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Our strengths


As a global leader in measuring systems we use our experience for the future. We are not afraid to learn in every second and provide us with any challenge.

All-round Service

In order to relieve you, we offer several variants of maintenance and service contracts.

Installation and Commissioning

Difficult installation situation, short downtime? We know the demands of the market and react quickly.

Long-Term Customer Support

We maintain more than 30 years customer relationships among the largest steel aluminium and copper producers. 20 of the 20 largest producers each industry sector rely on IMS.

IMS Röntgensysteme

X-ray systems have to be optimised for every field of application. Diverse requirements in special technological niches

demand flexibility. In many applications, high stability and long-term reliability are the most important factor. In other areas, price optimisation is desired. We focus on the requirements of the customer.

Production – with safety

Only those, who permanently deliver flawless products, remain competitive on the global markets. This is ensured through the integration of safe, powerful and robust testing systems directly into the production process and a non-destructive material testing. With these requirements, the IMS Röntgensysteme GmbH grew consistently and qualitatively in the past years.

Since 2000, we have developed and manufactured X-ray generators, control and complete systems according to clearly defined tasks of our customer. This includes X-ray systems for cold and hot strip thickness measurement in steel manufacturing. Additionally, it includes X-ray systems for the application in microstructure technology to examine completely assembled circuit boards or the smallest cast pieces. Areas of operation are, for example, medical technology (computer tomograph) or the food industry (foreign object detection).

Worldwide, more than 5,000 IMS systems are in operation – every single one of them has a special task. An internal development department and clear production structure enable us to react flexible and fast to special customer requirements. You, as customer, benefit from this – you gain a continuous product quality, minor downtime of your production line and the resulting long-term cost savings. Use our knowledge and know-how.


The surcon GmbH was founded in December 2008 as a joint venture company of SMS Siemag AG (Hilchenbach/

Düsseldorf) and IMS Messsysteme GmbH. Since Mai 2015, the surcon GmbH has been a fully owned subsidiary of the IMS GmbH. The company’s name is derived from “Surface-Control”.

Optimally adjusted surface inspection systems – precise and individual

All leading steel and aluminium producers have utilised surface inspection systems in various manufacturing steps for years. Today, they are a consistently integrated tool for the surveillance of surface quality in cold and hot rolling mills and highly contribute to the quality management.

We manufacture plate, tube and slab inspection systems on the basis of a 3D measuring procedure as well as hot and cold strip inspection systems using a 2D measuring process. Respective technological procedures enable us to deduce overall plant measures to avoid surface defects from measurement results. This implies significant cost savings for the rolling mill operator. The detection and documentation of surface defects during the production has a considerable impact on the quality of the rolled material. Additionally, conclusions to be drawn about the defect formation enable a direct optimisation of the production process.