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World Market Leader in Measuring Systems

Precision out of passion, quality out of conviction and innovation out of tradition

X-ray measuring systems, isotope measuring systems and optical measuring systems from the world’s leading manufacturer IMS have been a guarantee for highest product quality in the production and processing of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals since 1980.

Our non-contact detection systems are used in the steel, non-ferrous-metal and aluminium industries wherever meticulous material testing is required to guarantee the highest standards of quality – worldwide under the toughest operating conditions.

Both in hot production, such as continuous casting plants, hot rolling mills and tube mills, where shimmering surfaces, heat, dirt and moisture are common, as well as in cold rolling mills and service centres, measuring systems from IMS measure and detect reliably and with highest precision.

Exactly reproducible measurements and evaluations in real time optimise your production lines and increase product quality while simultaneously reducing production costs and reject rates.

“Knowledge is freedom, knowledge generates progress.”

We at IMS see ourselves as a self-learning organisation whose corporate concept is geared towards maintaining a high level of know-how at all times as the basis for our highly developed measuring systems: non-contact detection systems which, thanks to their innovative and customer-specific developments, are often not only ahead of the times, but also of our competitors.

We can only achieve and guarantee this market lead over the long term if we work together closely with our customers as partners as the concrete and very individual problems of our customers are our challenges for constant new developments of advanced technology that withstands the harshest conditions thanks to precise yet robust mechanics. Strong partners from research and engineering round off our competence team. The result: precision systems of the highest order for optimally monitored processes in hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills and service centres.

IMS measuring systems are developed, assembled, configured and tested at our headquarters in Heiligenhaus before guaranteeing our customers all over the world the highest standards of quality for systems Made in Germany.

Live Webinars

Keep informed! In our regular live sessions, we present current developments from the different areas of IMS measurement systems and technologies as well as their possibilities and advantages, from which you and your customers will benefit.

Inline Measuring Equipment for Metal Service Centres

April 29th, 2021


08:30 AM CET| 45 min

04:30 PM CET | 45 min

With the unique Camera Cluster Systems to highest measuring accuracy as guarantee for maximum precision! Join us for free and learn more about how to achieve automated, 100% quality control also in metal service centres.



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IMS Measuring Systems for the Metals Industry

IMS Top 10 Innovations
Download brochure (pdf)

IMS Measuring Systems Top 10 Innovations

IMS Top 10 Innovations
Download brochure (pdf)
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Conservation of resources through IMS measuring systems

The first thought in connection with the non-contact measuring systems from IMS for the steel, non-ferrous metal and aluminium industries certainly has nothing to do with active conservation of resources, as the steel industry is currently under massive public criticism as a climate polluter. However, our isotope, x-ray and optical measuring systems do exactly that: save and preserve resources!

The IMS product portfolio comprises numerous measuring systems and processes for various types of measurement, which deliver and document precise measurement results under the toughest conditions in hot and cold rolling mills as well as service centres.

In this way, material defects, surface irregularities, tolerance and dimensional deviations and many other factors that could lead to subsequent material rejects can be detected at an early stage during the manufacturing processes in the plants. Because the sooner even minor defects – which in steel products already render them useless – are detected, the faster machining processes can be corrected.

And exactly this contributes significantly to active climate protection, because it is no longer necessary to produce new products to substitute defective ones, and energy and water usage is reduced, as is the scrap rate.

In strong adherence to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we at IMS started the project IMSocial under the guiding principal: “Sustainable business not out of obligation, but out of conviction!” which is more than simply a project. IMSocial is a belief and stands for the values of our corporate philosophy. We not only want to achieve sustainability in our products and customer relations, but also place the same demands on our social, ecological and economic responsibility.