XRD Phase Content Measurement

IMS XRD Phase Content Measurement

  • Measuring principle: Radiometric
  • Measuring task: Phase content measurement
  • Field of application: Cold rolling mills
  • Production plant: Continuous annealing furnace
  • Measured good: Steel
IMS XRD Phasengehaltsmessung_V2

Microstructure information from your steel

The production of high-strength steels (AHHS) places equally high demands on the thermal processes in heat treatment and hot-dip galvanising lines. In order to be able to guarantee consistently constant mechanical properties in the production process, exact information on the microstructure of the material is needed.

Used for the phase content measurement of steel, the XRD phase content measurement is applied in continuous annealing furnaces of cold rolling mills.

For this complex measuring task, IMS has, in cooperation with the SMS Group and Drever International S.A., developed a measuring system based on x-ray diffraction to determine the iron phases (austenite and ferrite) in steels. Monitoring of the phase composition at critical points in the production process by this unique measuring technique makes it possible to keep the process stable under the varying influences from the upstream process and the input material.

To this end, a fine x-ray beam penetrates the strip and the resultant diffraction pattern is recorded by an imaging area detector. The final evaluation of the phase content is performed under correction of temperature and material-position influences. The pilot system was installed for the test phase under real conditions in the heat treatment furnace of a hot-dip galvanising line upstream of the rapid cooling section, where measurement is carried out at a strip temperature of 550°C – 750°C.

Your challenges

  • Maintenance of constant mechanical properties over the strip length and from coil to coil for demanding AHHS qualities
  • Process stability in the case of variations in upstream processes
  • Reduction in rejects and downgrading of high-strength materials

Our solutions for you

  • Online phase content measurement
  • The austenite content determines the mechanical properties directly and correlates better with strength than temperature
  • Measured values are available in the process step in which influence can still be exerted on the current coil

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IMS Top 10 Innovations
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