surcon 3D Tube Surface Inspection

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IMS surcon 3D Tube Surface Inspection

  • Measuring principle: Optical
  • Measuring task: Detection of surface defects
  • Field of application: Tube rolling mills
  • Production plant: PQF and FQM plants
  • Measured good: Tubes
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In tube production, surface defects are often perpetuated through the complete process chain

Non-stop surface inspection from bloom to finished tube is therefore critical for the quality of the final product. Used for the detection of surface defects on tubes, the surface inspection surcon 3D Tube is applied in PQF and FQM plants of tube rolling mills.

In the 3D surface inspection system surcon 3D TUBE, IMS provides tube manufacturers with another high-quality inspection tool. The system enables you to detect surface defects at a much earlier stage of the rolling process than before and to counteract them early and effectively through concrete corrective measures.

In particular, the three-dimensional information on the spatial extent of the defects enables far more reliable decisions to be made on the extent to which a surface defect can still be tolerated or whether immediate intervention in the production process is necessary.

In addition, the 100% surface inspection ensures that immediate knowledge is available as to whether a detected defect occurs once, recurs several times on a tube or at the same length position from tube to tube ‒ information that is almost impossible to determine reliably by manual inspection.

Your challenges

  • 100% manual inspection of hot blooms and tubes is not possible
  • Defects in the bloom can cause defects in the shells and later in the tubes
  • Feedback from the cold inspection of the tube comes days too late
  • Feedback from later processing steps can be delayed even longer

Our solutions for you

  • Automatic detection and classification of defects and geometric data (including depth and position)
  • Continuous acquisition of all measurement data, product parameters and system events
  • Detection of defects directly in the running process
  • Archiving of the data for process optimisation
  • Substitution of manual inspection possible

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IMS Top 10 Innovations
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