surcon 2D and 3D Surface Inspection

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Surface Inspection 3D-hot_CMYK
Surface Inspection 3D-cold_CMYK

IMS surcon 2D and 3D Surface Inspection

  • Measuring principle: Optical
  • Measuring task: Surface inspection
  • Field of application: Continuous casting plants, hot rolling mills, heavy plate mills, cold rolling mills, service centers, section mills
  • Production plant: Continuous casting plants, heavy plate mill, hot strip mill, cold strip mill, process lines, shearing lines, section mills
  • Measured good: Steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metal
IMS surcon 2D Oberflächeninspektion_V2

Continuous quality control from casting to cold strip

Immediately after casting, surcon 3D surface inspection systems check the surface quality of slabs or billets. Specially developed cooling and blow-off concepts even allow their use for surfaces with a temperature of more than 1,000°C. Due to the laser sectioning method used, even the smallest differences in height are detected and then visualised and classified as defects.

The 2D and 3D surcon surface inspection systems are used for the surface inspection of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals in continuous casting plants, heavy plate mills, hot strip mills, cold strip mills, process lines, shear lines and profile mills.

Surcon 2D surface inspection systems for hot rolling mills work with a large measuring distance to the material and are also designed for use in the harshest of environmental conditions.

For inspection jobs in cold strip lines with mostly limited installation space, we offer our customers particularly compact surface inspection systems that are easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Combination of the different systems makes it possible to identify the causes of defects and to track the surface defects through the complete process chain.

Your challenges

  • Delayed and time-consuming manual inspections
  • Unknown causes of surface defects
  • Installation point limits installation possibilities

Our solutions for you

  • Automatic detection and classification of relevant defects
  • Automated warnings and alarms
  • Flexible and customised integration even under the most difficult installation conditions
  • Provision of important surface data for process optimisation, such as: defect cause analysis and detection of periodic defects

IMS Measuring Systems for the Metals Industry

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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IMS Top 10 Highlights

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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Top 10 Highlights

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  • Calibration Master for Multichannel Profile Measuring Systems
  • Camera-Cluster-Systems Geometry
  • Burr Detection for slabs
  • surcon 3D Tube Surface Inspection
  • Coil State Measurement
  • surcon 2D and 3D Surface Inspection
  • XRD Phase Content Measurement
  • Oil Film Measurement
  • Internal Defect Detection

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