Laboratory tests at IMS – requires more than the norm

»Above standard is better«, says Mr Ole Denfeld, the head of IMS laboratory for the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)  and environmental tests and means exactly what he says. Due to the growth in power electronics, there are more high-frequency effects around than we think. To ensure your system works perfectly without any interferences, we offer you inspection and testing methods with which you can prove environmental suitability and electromagnetic compatibility. We can support you during the development of your product before it is ready for serial production. Especially combined tests ensure a stress level similar to daily operation. They include, for example, tests of the climate, immunity to interferences, high-voltage cables, oscillation or transport. All tests are carried out strictly according to standards to ensure you subsequently receive verification from an accredited laboratory.

» With our in-house climatic test chambers, we can simulate any situation. From the driest desert Sahara on Siberian cold up to the humid jungle with 45 degrees Celsius and 98% humidity …«

Ole Denfeld, Expert for EMC- & environmental tests


EMC has gained greatly in importance today and it is therefore important for our customers to have the possibility to have the tests carried out in conditions that are agreeable to them. We help and support you. Even if the test has to be interrupted, it can be resumed later. Mr Denfeld: »We do not set a tight schedule and fixed procedure as other laboratories do; we react to your needs.«



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Your advantages are:

  • Reduce costly retests

  • Reduce development time

  • Improve your product performance

  • Development of  interference suppression concepts

  • Keeping conditions and standards

  • Reinforce your competitive position at the market

  • Avoidance of negative influence of humans and nature