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Coil windings can roam sideways when winding up hot strip, thus impairing the quality of the coil and causing damage to strip edges during transportation.

This is one major reason for the rejection of deliveries.

This is one major reason for the rejection of deliveries. Avoid delivering defective products and improve your quality by detecting the winding offset and sending the data to the equipment controller!

We use a coil state measuring system / coil face measuring system to assess coils. This system uses a triangulation laser to detect the transverse contour. Once the coil has been positioned, it records the state of the winding profile vertically across the complete height of the coil.

Your Benefits:

  • Non-contact detection

  • Independent of material temperature

  • Information on the state of your line

  • Immediate decision on further processing of your product

  • Full logging of the coil

  • Compact design

  • Increase in quality

  • Reduction in costs

Avoid complaints, devaluations, price reductions, short and re-deliveries and use a detailed coil side profile for your purposes.

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