A Quantum Jump into the Future

As early as 25 years ago Claus-Peter Antoine got to know the company of IMS Messsysteme: “At that time IMS did not have its market leader position on the market.” But then came the meeting with the founders and managing directors of the firm.

»They never wanted to sell us something at all cost but instead convinced us with their technical solutions.«

Claus-Peter Antoine, Manager Competence area “Development”, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH


And Antoine still remembers very well that the discussion then was absolutely convincing. Claus-Peter Antoine: “They never wanted to sell us something at all cost but instead convinced us with their technical solutions.” In the discussions too it was very quickly clear how well versed the IMS people were. At that time it was a matter above all of the measurement of thickness in the running process in the production of the flat rolled steel.

Highest quality was required and the thickness had to be always exactly the same. It was found that the IMS measuring systems were very reliable. Antoine still rhapsodizes when he recalls the first thickness measurements. And this is still the situation today: “Absolutely reliable.” In this way the trust in IMS has grown ever greater. In the meantime IMS also works closely together with Salzgitter-Flachstahl.

This is how things have to be, explains Antoine because the plant is running 24 hours a day. Everything has to be totally reliable, day in, day out. The IMS measuring systems fulfil this requirement. The wide range of steel grades of Salzgitter Flachstahl result in extremely stringent demands on the measuring Systems. Hereto the manager of the compentence area  “development” at Salzgitter Flachstahl, Claus-Peter Antoine: “Here we are at the upper limit physically in respect of quality demands on the measuring systems.”

One example is the width gauging System using Radar in front of the roughing mill. Antoine continues: “If we succeed that will be a real quantum jump.” The tens of years of co-operation with IMS have been very successful. Antoine: “If I should say something negative …” he pauses for a moment, “then I would have to say nothing.” Praise could hardly be warmer.