Modernisation – Are you ready for changes?

Many older measuring systems are unfortunately no longer state-of-the-art and need to be replaced not at least due to new requirements, age and wear and tear.

High maintenance costs, downtimes – No thanks!

One fundamental problem with measuring systems that have been in use for many years is the availability of spare parts for the computer modules. Such systems often still use computer modules such as SMP, CPU4 or CPU5, for which there are simply no replacements available anymore.

Or do you want to buy spares in internet auctions?

Peripheral components such as monitors with RGB connections, printers and keyboards with serial interfaces are also no longer available.

Mechanical wear of cable and plug connections is a further difficulty. They wear out over time, thereby increasing the probability of failure of the measuring Systems.

The measuring systems delivered by IMS have always been developed and implemented with high quality and availability to the customer in mind. It is there fore not surprising that the “old treasures”, in other words old hardware and software, that have been in use for more than 35 years can no longer be maintained by our IMS service personnel because they have already retired or now work in other departments.



You need more Performance?

To prevent this, IMS systems can be modernised in various steps. In doing so, the availability of the components over the coming years is ensured. Alternatively, the performance of the measuring systems can be improved by using X-ray systems instead of isotope Systems.

Preventative measures consist in adapting the systems to the latest state of the art and directives (Machinery Directive), for example, new X-ray technology, EtherCAT fieldbus systems, access for remote maintenance, extension of thickness gauges with strip speed measurement by laser, etc. If you do not do this, the result is often far from ideal.


For modernisations, we prepare a comprehensive package of services tailored to your needs, beginning with a survey and analysis of the present state of the systems, through to joint conceptual planning of the desired target state and support during the project, to implementation and re-commissioning of the modernised gauge.

Do you want to avoid the risks?