Integrated Quality Data Management System at ArcelorMittal / Nippon Steel

It is December 2010. CEO Dr Ekkehard Schulz is officially opening ThyssenKrupp’s new hot and cold strip mill in the US state of Alabama. He calls it a “cornerstone of our new transatlantic growth strategy.” The purpose of the plant: to supply the North American market with high-quality steels. One central challenge is the ultra-modern production process, which means fulfilling the highest quality demands while simultaneously making efficient use of the necessary resources.

To meet them, ThyssenKrupp already turned to IMS during the planning phase, thus laying the foundation stone for the collaboration to install a standard quality data management system. A necessity because more than 3.6 billion of the total of five billion dollars invested in the whole project were spent on high-quality flat steel. CEO Dr Schulz describes the demands and expectations made on the quality of the product as being of the “highest international level.” IMS delivered MEVInet-Q and MEVInet-QDS and thus a high-performance system for data management.


at ArcelorMittal, Nippon Steel / USA
(formerly ThyssenKrupp Steel USA)

Automatic Evaluation


Apart from the comprehensive storage and evaluation of quality data, the MEVInet-Q system now also offers a set of rules to monitor required properties. The new extension module MEVInet-QDS ensures a standard and reproducible evaluation of the quality steels manufactured throughout the plant. The quality of a product is determined not only by its features and properties, but also by fulfilment of the demands placed on it.

To evaluate quality, it is necessary to acquire information on the product properties and to compare them with the respective requirements. This work is performed by a multitude of different systems, which, however, are usually standalone solutions only. As a result the quality data is usually stored in separate databases that are not compatible with each other. Various tools are used for evaluation and the data is not analysed according to standard rules. MEVInet-Q approaches the issue differently. The system implemented at ThyssenKrupp Steel is a holistic quality data management system that pools the various production parameters from several production lines in one central database.

MEVInet-Q in Operation


IMS supplied most of the measurement technology for the whole project, including gauges to measure thickness and thickness profile, flatness, coating, width and temperature. A full package, in other words.

The data is captured, managed, evaluated and returned to the control loop. And all that in real time. The quality data management system is used to track and evaluate material flows, which are then adjusted individually for the customer, evaluated and returned to the control loop.

The current operator ArcelorMittal, Nippon Steel have quickly noticed that the MEVInet-Q quality data management system and the extension module MEVInet-QDS were developed by IMS quite specifically for the steel processing industry.