»Well, to be honest, we were sure that IMS was right for us already in the first talks«,

says Walter Zils. And the great relationship that ensued continues until the present day. The engineers from IMS care wonderfully about everything. “They are simply always there when you need help.«

Walter Zils is responsible for Maintenance Electrical Engineering in coating team 1 at the coating line no. 12 at thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH in Andernach and has been in that position for the past 37 years. He is at home at thyssenkrupp: “The company has always offered me interesting jobs.” Things have become more interesting for him of late, thanks to the new CCS pinhole detector. He proudly reports: “I have been looking after the coating facility no. 12, a main facility of tin plate production, for the past 11 years and now we have an extremely accurate measuring system to boot.” The best parts of which he speaks are mainly the “stretch-bending line” and the coating facility no. 12. In this facility, tin is coated on to the sheet metal so that the cans receive an corrosion protection and also “look good”, as he remarks. After all, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein in Andernach runs Germany’s only location of industry that manufactures packaging steel.

»Due to our good experience, we have bought more measuring systems from IMS.«

Walter Zils, responsible for Maintenance Electrical Engineering at thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH in Andernach

A CCS pinhol detector from IMS contributes to the quality assurance in the stretch-bending line 2, SBL2 for short. Walter Zils is very pleased with the new system and happy that the same technology that has been used for years in the manufacture of mobile phones is also used in his production line.«

Pinhole detectors from IMS have a very small edge blank-out of three millimetres

For him, however, it is, apart from the reliability, the accuracy of the measurements that counts. The pinhole detector from IMS has a very small edge blank-out of three millimetres. This means the strip is inspected almost completely for pinholes. Therefore, it is streets ahead of the products of competitors, says Zils, because they have a blank-out of only 10 millimetres. For Mr. Zils, it was an unbelievably good decision to buy this system.

IMS showed him the pinhole detector around three years ago, but at that point in time the system was still undergoing trials. Zils: “But the wait was worth its while.” The 700-metre-per-minute line has long been equipped with a thickness gauge. Around 250 motors ensure that everything runs smoothly. When the tin plate leaves the line in high quality, there are naturally also fewer complaints. Additional work processes that would be necessary if pinholes larger than five micrometres were not found can be saved.

The precision of the measuring system amazes Walter Zils. Time and again, other systems measured incorrectly due to the influences of extraneous light or simply because the previous measuring system delivered wrong data due to soiling. The CSS, by contrast, is equipped with an automatic soiling detection function and warns accordingly.

»The support by IMS on the ground was excellent«, says Zils.«

»We don’t get run-of-the-mill stuff from IMS!«

The first CCS pinhole detector was commissioned within a time of, approximately, only 17 hours. No one had expected that things would run so smoothly and quickly. A time of at least 36 hours had been expected. “Due to our good experience, we have bought more measuring systems from IMS.” Four systems are to be installed in November. All measuring systems are adapted individually on site by IMS.

Zils is certain: “We don’t get run-of-the-mill stuff from IMS!” He adds: “I can’t complain. It is really a great company.” And we believe his conviction.