Staying one step ahead!

What motivates us every day to change and improve our products?

  • Technical Progress?
  • Our obsession with Detail?
  • Perfectionism?
  • The constant challenge to produce the best-possible result with the available means?
  • Your wishes and challenges!


Last year IMS Messsysteme GmbH developed its sixth generation of cold strip thickness measuring systems since its inception. After subjecting them to an extensive endurance test, we delivered and commissioned the first systems for our customers.


Our drawing card… and the story of its success

Our first generation of measuring systems, delivered in the early 1980s, were analogue measuring systems without any digital computer technology whatsoever. They were followed by measuring systems with minor PLC controls for control tasks.

In the mid-1980s the systems were equipped with computers with a specially developed operating system able to process the measured data transferred to them in analogue format in real time. Acquisition and transfer of measured data was then digitalised in the 1990s. At the same time IMS integrated its first field bus into its measuring systems.

In 2006 we revised our own x-ray generators completely, implemented a faster bus system and redesigned the safety concept in our measuring Systems.

You set the aims for development of our latest generation of measuring System!

How we realised your wants

How do we reconcile your wishes for customer-based measuring systems with short delivery periods in highest quality with additional improvements, and that without causing additional costs? – By rethinking OUR processes and Solutions!


The highlights of the new generation of measuring System:

  • Use of analogue instead of switching sensors (e.g. coolant monitoring) with the possibility to record and analyse their behaviour over longer periods of time
  • Use of components that can be obtained from well-known manufacturers worldwide
  • Compact construction of the measuring systems with short cable routes and central transfer of all customer-related signals directly in the vicinity of the gauges
  • Independent measuring systems with separate power supply, cooling and computer hardware
  • Quick and easy access to the individual components
  • Simple adjustment of the laser speed measuring heads in the gauges
  • Use of maintenance-free high-voltage cables between x-ray tube and high-voltage generator in x-ray thickness measuring systems with high voltages up to 85 kV
  • New software tools for diagnosing the x-ray circuits
  • Improvement in the possibilities for remote maintenance with fault analysis

»We will apply the further developments used in the M50 thickness gauge to other measuring systems as well.«

Guido Stallknecht, General Manager Projects, IMS Messsysteme GmbH


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