Heiligenhaus has hit the headlines several times in the recent past

First, a while back, the talk was of our local rising racing star Dennis Wüsthoff, who is propelling his car into top places in the BMW Racing Cup. Since first driving a go-kart at the age of 6, his performance and skill have improved steadily, enabling him now, 18 years later, to celebrate successes at the Nürburgring.

To score such results, you not only need years of development and experience, but also a well-practised, efficient and reliable team. Exactly the same has paid off in the development of our new measuring frame, the M400.

IMS has worked on improving its measuring frames further and further for 35 years – with unbeatable results.

We have now reached the next milestone: precision in small size.

The M400 combines all the advantages: perfect functionality and better diagnostic possibilities. However, in order to design a far leaner, smaller form to fit under the lowest of strips, we broke down our normal standard requirements for the measuring frame. This, our latest innovation, has lost 40% in weight, the height under the strip has been reduced by 43% and the device can be delivered in the shortest of times without the need for modifications to your equipment.

The measuring frame is mainly envisaged for modernisations with just one task in mind: to meet the installation requirements of our customers. Precision in small size – this measuring frame can fit in even the smallest niche.

Heiligenhaus achieves top performances in all fields. For the latest innovation from IMS, therefore, it is again a case of: Made in Heiligenhaus.