We serve you!

Do you know what anculo means?

The term is derived from Latin and means „I serve“ – and this is exactly what we want to do for you!

We serve you with our newest operating software Anculo. It supports you during the performance of examinations by means of X-ray technology. A simple input of X-ray parameters and the possibility to choose and save the working sequences facilitate the optimal adjustment for the particular measuring task. Whether you order a new X-ray system or your system is already operating – our diagnosis tool serves you! Every X-ray system from IMS, which is delivered from the end of 2016 onwards, will be provided with the software including comprehensive documentation. Systems which have already been delivered by that time can be retrofitted with the diagnosis tool. Simply contact us and we will gladly submit you an offer!

Would you like to adjust the radiation settings to the application?

You can adjust all parameters of the X-ray control system quickly and easily in manual mode. Data entries can easily be made using the mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. Clear symbols allow intuitive operation and display the operating mode of the X-ray system.

Do you always have recurring measurement tasks?

Exposure programs allow you to select given parameter sets for certain applications. You select the relevant program from a list and can start measurement tasks at once. Thanks to freely definable names and a brief description, you will find the right exposure program again quickly. A password protected area allows you to create new parameter sets or modify existing ones. Accidental modifications are prevented at the same time.

Is your X-ray system offline overnight?

Extend the operating life of the X-ray tube by using the start-up program. Inconvenient warming-up of the tube is not applicable through manual settings. Different start-up programs are available, depending on the downtime of the X-ray system. In addition to standard programs which come with software, parameter sets can be adjusted to the associated tube type. Modifications here are also only possible after entering a password.

Do your service technicians require information about the X-ray system?

The X-ray system setup data can be selected and set in service mode. A wealth of information about limit values and the status of the system is available for the service technician. Data sets for the most diverse X-ray tubes from different manufacturers can be provided.