Width Gauges with Radar

Reliable under severest conditions.

Radar radiation, in contrast to laser light, is insensitive to steam and dust.

Measuring systems using radiation in this frequency range are therefore suitable for the operation under severe environmental conditions in your Hot Rolling Mills and could e.g. provide accurate measurements of the width.

For the first time, IMS developed a width gauging system based on radar technology for operation in your Hot Rolling Mills.

Essentially, the system consists of two measuring devices. Each contains a sensor for the generation and a pair of antennas for the formation of the radiation. The distance between the device and the strip edge is measured on the respective side. With an appropriate calibration, the width of your strips will be determined.

Your challenges in the entry area of a Hot Rolling Mill:

Our solution for you:

High failure rates with optical systems

Low accuracies with optical systems due to influences by severe environment

High maintenance efforts

High investment costs for existing technologies

Possibly radiation or laser protection required

Limited installation space

Radar is insensitive to steam and dust

High accuracies due to insensitive measurement

Long lifetime thanks to large distances to the strip, Lifetime for radar longer than for laser, Radar technology requires low maintenance

More moderate investment costs as for radiometric systems

No dangerous emissions

Small design, relatively big distances