New Drawer for Cross Profile Measurement

Our customer Global Brass & Copper d.b.a. Olin Brass from East Alton (IL, USA) uses this technology, a 32-channel profile measuring system, at the exit of its 4-stand tandem line.

For those interested in the detail: apart from the cross profile, the system also determines the edge drop at the copper material, which can be up to 20 mm thick, with a resolution of 24 mm in the edge area.

The challenge here lay in designing the gauge mechanically such that the space available would allow the best-possible access to the gauge and other components.

Our solution: the complete detector unit with the 32 detectors can be pulled out of the gauge on a carriage – tried-and-tested “drawer technology” – this time perfected.

With our experience and deep trust in high-precision technology and quality, we do not fear to ask our customers where they have problems so that we can find a solution for them.

Another highlight: it is the 300th measuring system planned by our project manager Gerhard Knospe. He has worked for us in the field of project management for around 30 years.

»I like the many different sides of my job and the high standards expected of me

and pass this on to our customers«, says Gerhard Knospe, Project leader, Team VP.

B. Young, M. Wilkening, G. Knospe (IMS), B. Henschen, K. Campagna,
Global Brass and Copper d.b.a