Smaller in size and better diagnostic possibilities – introducing the new M50!

Last year IMS Messsysteme GmbH developed its sixth generation of cold strip thickness measuring systems since its inception. After subjecting them to an extensive endurance test, we delivered and commissioned the first systems for our customers.
Short, sharp questions, shows you the answers.


Speed-Interview with Mr. Benjamin Wagner, Project Manager, Team VP, IMS Messsysteme GmbH

What is the challenge, Mr. Wagner?

“Customers are demanding very short delivery times,
Increasing competion,
we like to provide best technologies for relaible prices.”


Why the development has not yet been implemented ?

“The current models are very successful and well established.
The evaluation of customer requirements took time.”

What is new?

“The system layout (the customer doesn’t need to provide space for the central station cubicle),
ompact design at the same functionality with advanced diagnostic possibilities,
Gauges are independent from each other. Sophisticated fault Analysis.
Each gauge has it’s own processor.”


What is the solution?

“Production oriented design,
Enhanced component pre-production,
Reduced technical clarification efforts with our customer.”


Was is the next step?

“We will apply the further developments used in the M50 thickness gauge to other measuring systems, as well.”

B. Wagner, Project Manager, Team VP