Hot Metal Detector (HMD)

Precise detection of the material position

IMS Hot Metal Detectors are used for fast detection of the strip or plate position in your Hot Rolling Mills or Plate Mills.

Precise detection of the strip/plate head as well as of the strip/plate tail is guaranteed. With the respective setting a digital output will be set within 1ms. In your lines the detector is able to detect hot material based on its infrared radiation as well as cold material with the aid of a backlight.

Contrary to dot-shaped light barriers the HMDs analyze a preset area with the result that even material head and tails which are bended to the top or bottom side can be detected.

You can apply the Hot Metal Detectors as stand-alone systems or in combination with other IMS products. Due to scalable measuring area sizes the systems also can be used for your long products.

Your problems:

Our solution for you:

Invalid or missing position detection when using light barriers

Too slow position detection when using standard camera systems

Too large supplier diversity for measuring systems

Matrix camera with adjustable evaluation area (ROI region of interest)

Intelligent high speed processing on the camera

One supplier for thickness, width and flatness gauges and hot metal detectors