Measurement of thin coating layers / residual dirt

Ellipsometry is an optical measuring method for inspection of surfaces and transparent coatings. The basic principle is, light changes its state of polarization during transmission and reflection at the coating layer. This change depends on the material and the thickness of coated layers. Therefore polarization sensitive signal detection allows the measurement of coated film thickness. This method is particularly suitable for determination of your very thin coatings (max. thickness about 30 nm) such as oil films on bright materials, detection of residual oil/residual contamination in your skin pass rolling mills or after-treatment layers in your finishing lines.

Your problems:

Our solution for you:

Claims from your customers related to exceeded upper or lower limits of the organic coating layers, or due to uncoated areas

Offline-samples are not representative for the strip. Too late intervention on failure

Missing quality verifications for your customers

Claims from your customers related to contaminated material surfaces

Scanning Ellipsometer to measure organic coatings

Feed-back of the measuring results to a coating control system

Recording of measuring results in customized quality reports

Scanning Ellipsometer to measure residual dirt and oil inorganic coatings
– after rolling
– after cleaning and annealing processes