Dimension Measurements

For Slabs and Heavy Plates

Located in the exit are of your continuous casting line, our optical systems provide exact information of the cross-section and the out contour of slabs. You can utilize the measuring results for precise control of the continuous casting line. On the other hand provides the data transfer to your hot strip mill or plate mill important information for your downstream lines.

The information about the outer contour serves you to protect your aggregates, e.g. the furnace at distinctive turn-up/turn-down, deflection or at mixed-up slabs.

Additionally to the described measuring system above, you can install our topometric measuring system TopPlan. It allows you a 100%-inspection of the height matrix of the slabs/plates in unprecedented precision and speed.

Your problems:

Our solutions for you:

Slabs and plates mixed-up

Heating and remaining times of the slabs in the furnaces not optimal

Control of the continuous casting line in terms of the target dimensions not optimal

Problems with the slabs/heavy plates in the following processes with massive camber or turn-up/turn-down formation

Geometry data plus the derivation of the weight provide additional certainty for the unequivocal identification of the slabs

Optimal occupancy and control of the furnaces by mapping of each slab

Highly precise cross-section and outer contour measurements for slabs enable precise control and maintenance of the continuous casting lines or downstream lines

Early detection of thickness taper with the opportunity of correction. Monitoring of turn-up/turn-down formation on permitted limits