Contour Measurement of Long Products

IMS complied your desires for continuous measurements at strands which determine the contour as well as the length and consequentially the weight and shear cut position. A new system for these purposes is introduced. It is a further development on the basis of the established Lascon systems and it is intended for operation in your continuous casting lines.

With the new contour measuring system IMS provides a capable product. It reduces your safety margins on target weights und increases therewith your output. In combination with an in-house surface inspection system you have a complete quality inspection available.

Your challenges:

Our Solutions for you:

Lack of monitoring the casting processes

Claims caused by
improper knowledge concerning
– Volume
– Weight
– Edge radii
– Contour/form (convex – concave)
– Surface defects

Production stops due to material breaks

High material consumption due to high safety margins on the target weights

Highly precise cross-section and outer contour measurements for long products enable precise control and maintenance of the continuous casting lines including cooling zones or downstream lines

Acquisition, monitoring and recording of all important product parameter. Optional surface inspection

Optimization of the casting process by means of recording and evaluation of the measuring data

Shear Control optimization due to knowledge of weight, volume and length