Camera Cluster System (CCS)

Width gauges, large hole and edge crack detectors

Our optical measuring systems measure width and centreline deviation in your production lines (from pickling lines over rolling mills and coating lines to slitting and cut-to-length lines). In your slitting lines it is possible to measure the width of every single slit stripe. Optionally the systems are also able to detect and classify edge cracks and holes (min. Ø1mm).

A gauge basically consists of two components – a camera unit beam (receiver) and a backlight unit beam (transmitter). Both components are modular in construction. Depending on your requirements, the modules are lined up one next to the other or separated by spacer modules (bridge clusters).

Your challenges:

Our solution for you:

High investment and maintenance costs for scanning camera systems

Measuring errors caused by vertical strip fluctuations, tilted position or the edge contour

Measuring errors caused by extraneous light

Failure of the measuring system caused by contamination

High maintenance costs caused by usage of fluorescent lamps

For stripe width gauges: Production stops in case of scanning systems, discontinuous width measurement

Multi camera systems (CCS) without moving parts require low maintenance

Multi camera systems (CCS) apply the stereoscopic effect for the compensation of vertical strip fluctuation

All LED-modules can be dimed separately, therefore influences from extraneous light can be compensated

Automatic contamination detection and warning

Long lifetime of LED-modules

Continuous measurement of the stripe width