Monitor and optimise your complete production of steel and aluminium strip, slab, plate and tubeonline with our non-contact systems. Use them to control your production equipment andensure constant qualities.

Overview of measurement variables

Hot & cold area

Flat Products
  • Thickness, thickness cross profile
  • Wedge, crown
  • Edge drop
  • Flatness, levelness
  • Width
  • Position
  • Edge defects, holes
  • Internal strip defects
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Length
  • Dimensions/Geometry

Hot area

  • Single wall
  • Mean wall
  • Eccentricity
  • Inside profile
  • Thicks ends
  • Diameter
  • Ovality
  • Outside profile
  • Straightness
  • Temperature
  • Length

Cold area

Coated products
  • Coat thickness
  • Coat profile

Force measurement

  • Force and strip tension

Control systems:

Our high-performance systems our engineered to meet custom requirements:

  • highly accurate and reproducible measuring results in real time
  • durable equipment even in extremely harsh environmental conditions

  • customised measuring systems to support various production and manufacturing processes
  • complete solution from measured value pickup to analysis
  • connection of third-party computer systems, sensors, operating and display monitors
  • communication by the measuring systems with other computer systems via various interfaces and protocols
  • approval of our systems by national institutions
  • quality management according to ISO 9001