Testing Services

Testing Services

During operation, electronic and electrotechnical devices may be exposed to differing environmental conditions they have to withstand. The respective verification of the environmental fitness and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has to be provided prior to the start of production. Thanks to our test laboratory specially equipped for these purposes, we are able to support you during the stage of development as well as with products already established. Pre-tests and/or check-ups simulate the environmental stress during operation, storage, and transport using suitable testing methods. Especially combined tests ensure a stress level similar to daily operation. All testing is done strictly according to technical standards to assure that any verification by an accredited laboratory is nothing but a formality.

At our own laboratory

The following tests can be done at our own laboratory:

  • Thermal imaging: display of the temperature distribution
  • Temperature tests: cold and heat
  • Alternating environmental conditions: resistance against temperature and humidity
  • Test of the immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields
  • Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test
  • Surge immunity test
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity test
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions, and voltage variations immunity tests
  • Systematic immunity test for PCBs
  • Testing of high voltage cables
  • Testing of X-ray tubes at varying temperature conditions
  • Real measurement of the filament current of X-ray generators at realistic load conditions
  • Test of the dielectric strength

With external partners

Additionally, we coordinate the following tests for you in cooperation with our long-time external partners:

  • Corrosion: salt spray test and condensation water test
  • Flowing mixed gas corrosion test: 4-component corrosive gas SO2/NO2/H2S/CL2
  • Flowing mixed gas corrosion test in combination with temperature and humidity
  • Dust ingress testing
  • Water ingress testing up to IPX9K
  • Two-chamber thermal shock: Testing at fast temperature changes
  • Testing at alternating environmental conditions in combination with vibration tests
  • Conducting and evaluation of vibration tests
  • Conducting and evaluation of shock tests
  • Conducting and evaluation of transport simulations and packaging tests
  • Mobile vibration measurement: flexible use of the measuring equipment even at extreme conditions
  • Machine diagnostics: vibration diagnostics for machines
  • HASS and HALT tests

In case of the necessity to conduct an unnamed test, do not hesitate to address us. We will provide a respective offer.

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