Dedicated Solutions

Dedicated Solutions

Some applications claim specific requirements to be fulfilled by an X-ray system, such as mobility, safety, and compliance with industrial standards.

The Safety Box SBO is available in several variants. Depending on the demands, it offers all required monitoring functions for safe operation of an X-ray system:

  • Monitoring of the Interlock function
  • Connection of monitored warning lights
  • Connection of cooling circuit monitoring devices
  • Connection of remote controls
  • Safe shutdown of the high voltage by means of an external circuit breaker

The X-ray System MCTS is designed for mobile non-destructive testing purposes, such as the inspection of welding seams. It is fully equipped with X-ray generator and X-ray tube, high voltage cable, remote control, all warning components, the Safety Box SBO, and the operating software anculo. It is shipped within a purpose-built flight case for safe and useful transportation.

For testing purposes, several individually realisable solutions are available. The Test Bench XRT, for example, offers a functional check for X-ray components. This enables fault analysis upon failures to take place right on site. The decision on further steps may be taken immediately and shipping to the manufacturer can be omitted in many cases. Beyond, special measurements may be conducted using so-called Test Tanks.

Upon demand, we develop and produce individual components according to your specifications. Feel free to contact us!

Wiring diagram Safety Box