Complete systems

The XRS 075 system from IMS Röntgensysteme comes with all the necessary components for customised use at your site. The XRS system includes an IMS XRG 075 generator, one of three individually selectable COMET X-ray tubes, and a Claymount High-voltage cable.

A cooler – including all necessary connection elements – is also available as an option. In order to ensure an uncomplicated commissioning procedure and control of the system, we supply our intuitive operating software “anculo” as part of the order.

Prior to delivery, the individual components and the entire system are tested together in order to ensure trouble-free assembly and handling as well as fault-free operation. The XRS system demonstrates the ongoing commitment and continuous innovation of IMS Röntgensysteme to provide a technology whose added value benefits our customers worldwide.

System Overview

Areas of Application

  • Sorting
  • Thickness measurement
  • Food inspection
  • Safety measurement technology
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Automatic optical inspection

System Highlights

  • Coordinated components
  • Compact, industry-standard design
  • Low-ripple high voltage control
  • High temperature stability
  • High reproducibility for kV and mA
  • Automatic arc detection