X-ray Components

X-ray Components

As a hundred percent IMS subsidiary, IMS Röntgensysteme GmbH has been developing and producing X-ray components for industrial applications for over 15 years. Our know-how is requested and appreciated in the steel mills throughout the world.

X-ray technologies have developed into an essential part of industrial material inspection. The integration of safe, powerful, and robust testing systems directly into the production process not only results in a significant increase in quality, but also effects enormous savings of time and money.

X-ray systems offer a wide variety of application options:

  • Measuring instruments for the steel and nonferrous metals industry

  • Non-destructive material testing (including mobile use)

  • Microfocus technology

  • Electron beam applications

  • Medical technology

The X-ray generator represents the centerpiece of every system. It generates the high voltage to operate the X-ray tube and is available in different types. Depending on the requirements, operating software, measuring equipment, and safety components may be added.

The use of X-ray components holds numerous advantages:

  • High stability and long-term reliability

  • Mobility and flexibility

  • Price optimisation

  • Usability and intuitive handling

  • Little maintenance effort

  • Safety and conformity to standards

Every X-ray system may be configured individually, made up with the respective equipment. Optimisation is done exactly for the desired field of application. Specific customer requirements can be satisfied, resulting in custom-fit products for exceptional demands – individual support included.

Extensive Test Laboratory Services

The demands on electronic and electrotechnical devices relating to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental fitness are high. Respective verifications have to be provided already prior to the start of production.

Our test laboratory offers the possibility to check your products accordingly, as well as other parts of your technical equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

X-ray generator XRG 40/200/01

X-ray technology in use

Operating software anculo

Our Solutions

X-ray Generators

High voltage generators for industrial use

Measuring Dividers and Adapters

High-precision measuring equipment for high voltage applications

Complete Systems

Complete X-ray Systems for your measurement task – Perfectly coordinated from a single source!

Operating Software anculo

Intuitive handling of our X-ray generators

Dedicated Solutions

Custom-fit products for exceptional requirements

Testing Services

EMC and environmental tests – services around electronic devices and components


X-ray tubes, high voltage cables, flight cases, amongst others

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