Tube surface inspection

Revolutionary breakthrough in surface inspection

In tube production, surface defects are often perpetuated through the complete process chain. Non-stop surface inspection from blooms to finished tube is, therefore, critical for the quality of the final product.

Surface Inspection 3D Tube-hot

We have developed the surface inspection system 2D and 3D for the tube production for hot and cold applications.

Imagine you could see virtual views of the blooms or tubes directly after they leave the rotary hearth furnace or rolling mill. Every infringement of a limit value would be shown. You would know immediately where a tool is damaged or worn.

Our solutions for you

  • Automatic detection and classification of relevant defects (including position) and geometric data (including the depth of defects)

  • Estimation of the significance of the defects

  • Detection of defects before further processing in the production cycle, warning in the case of serious defects

  • Documentation of the blooms and tubes

  • Archiving of the data for process optimisation

  • Reduction of defective products or necessary rework

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