Tube diameter measurement

Tube diameter measuring systems

The need to save energy and raw materials can only be met with a highly reliable process. Ever-stricter demands on the finished product “tube” regarding uniformity and compliance with tight tolerance limits require continual quality standards.

The following objectives will be achieved by using the IMS measuring systems:

  • Increase in material yield

  • Homogenisation of product parameters

  • Utilisation of tolerance limits

  • Reduction in downtimes

  • Elimination of manual sampling

  • Stabilisation of the rolling process


Tube diameter

» Apart from wall thickness, it is also possible to determine the diameter, the diameter profile, the ovality, temperature, length, and speed of the tube – all integrated in one compact measuring system or distributed along your manufacturing process. «

Zvezdan Pejovic
Product expert, IMS Messsysteme GmbH

Configuration range

The following configuration summary is only an insight of possible variants of measuring systems.

Additional components
C-frame 1-channel
(mass measurement)
C-frame 2-channel
(eccentricity measurement)
O-frame 2-channel
(mass measurement)
O-frame 4-channel
(mass measurement)
O-frame 5-channel
(1st & 2nd order double wall measurement)
O-frame 9-channel
(1st & 4th order double wall measurement)
O-frame 13-channel
(1st & 6th order double wall measurement)
Temperature measurement
Diameter, Position and Profile measurement
1-camera system infrared - - - - - -
2-camera system infrared
1-camera system backlight - - - - - -
2-camera system backlight - - -
4-camera system backlight - - * * - - -
2+2-camera system backlight - -
4+2-camera system backlight - -
Laser triangulation (diameter) * *
Laser triangulation (position) - -
Length measurement

○ = Standard    ● = Option    – = Not available   * = On request

Example of applications

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