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The expectation of continuous improvements in quality necessitates durable and innovative process technologies in tube production. Manufacturers, therefore, constantly focus on the following aims – product consistency, reduction in manufacturing costs, and savings in raw materials and energy.

Our tube wall thickness measuring systems offer you maximum precision and operational reliability. They are all adapted individually to the requirements of the production line. You can, for example, monitor hot seamless shaped tubes for eccentric and polygonal wall thickness distribution with the help of our multi channel tube wall thickness measuring system. Incorrect adjustments and disturbances from the individual forming processes are detected and eliminated directly where they occur so that optimal process control is achieved.

Our systems boast the following performance features:

  • Continuous acquisition and storage of all measured values, production
    parameters, and system events
  • Feedback of the measured values to the pilot control and/or tracking of the control devices of the rolling units

  • Targeted error diagnosis to support the operator

  • High availability of the measuring system

  • Deliberate utilisation of the lower wall thickness limits with simultaneous equalising of the tube wall profile along the complete length of the tube

  • Reduction in downtimes after dimensional changes as manual sampling and manual roll adjustment are not necessary

  • Increase in material yield with simultaneous savings in feedstock and energy

We offer single and multi channel measuring systems for:

  • Mass measurement

  • Eccentricity measurement

  • Double-wall measurement from the 1st to 6th order

  • Diameter profile measurement

Depending on the scope of the measuring systems, additional sensors are integrated to measure diameter, position, temperature, and length.

9-channel Shell Measurement

Diameter Profile Measurement

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