Surface Inspection System X-3Dvision

First 3D inspection of slabs

Surface Inspection 3D-hot

Until now, it has not been possible to inspect the surface of slabs with conventional systems, because it is not possible to distinguish the defects from the irregular textures of the surface safely on the basis of grey value diagrams alone.

With surcon, IMS is the first manufacturer of surface inspection systems worldwide to develop a process that, in addition to a grey value camera, also uses a line laser.

This enables the system to distinguish reliably between grey value differences and three-dimensional defects – it recognises cracks, impressions, and casting marks reliably and also supplies 3D information on the height or depth of the defect.

If both the top and bottom surfaces are scanned, this technique can also be used to measure the complete thickness profile of the slabs. Together with measurement of the edge contours, which is also integrated in the system, the volume (and, therefore, also the weight) of the slab can be calculated.

Possible locations for a surface inspection system

»surcon closes the gap«

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