Surface Inspection

Surface Inspection

We are the first manufacturer worldwide to supply both 3D surface inspection systems for inspection of slabs, heavey plate mill, tubes and long products as well as 2D surface inspection systems for inspection of strips in hot and cold rolling applications and for processing lines.

With its 3D surface inspection system, IMS has closed one of the last gaps in optical measuring technology in the rolling industry. The X-3Dvision system detects surface defects (e.g. inclusions, cracks or casting marks) and in this way enables direct optimisation of the continuous casting process.
The 3D measurement not only determines the extent of a defect, but also its depth.

When the surface data are linked to other measured data, for example the geometry or material data, the inspection system delivers perfect documentation of the product.

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The surface inspection systems in the X-2Dvision series work with line scan cameras that inspect hot and cold strip in two dimensions. …


It has not been possible to date to inspect the surfaces of slabs, heavey plate mill, tubes and long products with conventional systems because it is not possible to distinguish the defects from the irregular textures of the surface safely on the basis of grey value diagrams alone…

  Thickness-Twinset-hot Thickness-Triple-hot MiniMaster-hot MultiMaster-hot Surface Inspection-cold-hot Surface Inspection-Tube-3D-hot
Technology at a Glance Slab
Heavy Plate
Hot Mill
Cold Mill
Inspection Results and Measurement Parameters Inspection Results
Defects 2D x x x x x x
Defects 3D x x x x
Measurement Parameters
Dimension x x x x x x
Volume/Weight x x x
Thickness Profile x x x x
Edge Profile x x x x
Hardware Line Scan Cameras x x
Area Scan Cameras x x x x
LED Illumination x x
Laser Illumination x x x x
Software OnlineView Video-Streaming x x x x x x
MEVInet-Q Integration x x x x x x
MEVInet-QDS Interface x x x x x x

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Longitudinal Crack

Nonmetallic Inclusions

Radial Crack

Edge Crack