Quality Data Management System


Modern production processes need to satisfy ever-higher demands on material and its quality. These demands cannot be met without reliable measurement during production. But what should be done with the vast quantity of production data and how can they be evaluated easily? The answer to these questions is MEVInet-Q – the quality data management system from IMS.
MEVInet-Q is a quality data management system for mass storage of data with integrated evaluation possibilities designed specifically for use in rolling mills. Used intelligently, it

  • optimises production equipment,
  • improves product quality and
  • reduces production costs.
  • Quality management with data archiving, data analysis and reporting

  • Maintenance and service support

  • Production tracking, monitoring, previewing and documentation

  • Recording third-party measurement signals

  • Complaints assessment

  • Viewer in a web browser

  • Representation of system data to workstations or enterprise


The quality of a product is determined not only by its features and properties, but also by its requirements profile. In order to be able to use quality data for decisions, it is necessary to evaluate the data by defined rules. MEVInet-QDS offers the decision-making aid for this. The extension module MEVInet-QDS (Quality Decision Support) can be used in conjunction with MEVInet-Q.
This module permits the creation of rules for, for example, simple monitoring of limit values or depiction of complex correlations. It is possible, amongst others, to evaluate cross profile shapes or link various parameters – also from upstream production steps – with each other.
The rules are created with the integrated Rules Editor. It has a version management and a simulation feature so that the effects of rules can be tested before they are applied.
It is possible with the help of QDS to block a product manually or automatically during the production process. The IMS rules set can be adapted very closely to product requirements and faster than is possible with any conventional rules available. MEVInet-QDS helps to optimise production to a very high degree. Quick reporting of events enables direct intervention in the production process and sees to safe and economical production.

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