Billet-Contour Gauge

Dimension and contour measurement for flat and long products

Cross-sections could vary from round and square to customised rail shapes – IMS provides optimised solutions for each measuring task. Our measuring results offer you important information about your rolling process and further processing. Or, even better: You could see every little defect on the material surface with an optional integrated surface inspection system.

No estimated dimensions – no high risk of breakt-outs – no scrap or quality gradation

Why not knowing the casting and rolled products’ dimensions continuously in the very moment of leaving the mill?

If geometry data is linked with other measuring data, defect sources that have their roots in upstream stages of the process can be identified and eliminated.

Our solutions for you:

  • Highly precise cross-section and outer contour measurements for long products enable precise control and maintenance of the continuous casting lines, including cooling zones or downstream lines

  • Acquisition, monitoring, and recording of all important product parameter

  • Optimisation of the casting process by means of recording and evaluation of the measuring data

  • Shear control optimisation due to knowledge of weight, volume and length

Surface Inspection

Tube Measurement

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