Width Gauge Radar

Width Measurement with radar

Versatile in use, also where other measurement techniques fail

Advantages of radar technology

IMS 10-Innov Radar

Radar radiation is, in contrast to laser radiation or light, insensitive to steam and dust.

IMS has developed the first width measuring system based on radar technology and launched it successfully on to the market. The width measuring system with radar delivers accurate measurements under the harshest of environmental conditions – and that without requiring much maintenance.

The components

The measuring system consists of two measuring units, each equipped with a sensor and a pair of antennas to generate, emit, and receive the radar radiation. The distance between the measuring system and strip edge is measured. With suitable calibration, the width of your material is then determined.

Due to the compact construction of the system, these width gauges can also be installed in the smallest of spaces. The measurement technique allows the components needed for measurement to be placed a relatively large distance away from the hot material.

Your challenges

  • Optical measuring systems not feasible due to environmental conditions – high failure rates

  • Low accuracy of optical measuring systems

  • Maintenance work must be minimised

  • High investment and maintenance costs must be avoided

  • Limited installation space

  • Radiation or laser protection requirements necessary when using corresponding measuring systems

Our solutions for you

  • Radar systems also work under the harshest of environmental conditions

  • High accuracies, insensitive measurement

  • Radar technology requires little maintenance (measurement insensitive to soiling, low heat load due to large distance to the material, no moving parts)

  • Lower investment costs than for radiometric systems

  • Small, compact size, large measurement distances possible

  • No emission of hazardous radiation when using radar

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