Width Gauge Camera

Width Measurement

Usage of single or multi-camera systems


The optical measuring systems from IMS allow you to measure the complete geometry of your products quickly, completely, and reliably with a compact unit.

Depending on the complexity of the task, one or more cameras may be installed. The sensors (CCD cameras) are integrated in special protective housings suitable for the particular type of application and environmental conditions. Cooling elements protect the sensors against excessively high temperatures, thereby avoiding unplanned downtimes.

The systems are used in production lines such as:

  • Behind the edger in the blooming train:

    • Width and strip position measurement to control the edger.
    • Determination of end shapes to control the cropping shears.
    • Detection of edge contour for optimal trimming of heavy plate.

  • Behind the finishing train and before the coiler:

    • Detection of strip width, edge cracks, and holes.

The lighting arrangements, optics, sensors, and signal processing are chosen to suit the shape and size of the object to be measured and its distance from the sensors. The optics can be chosen so as to cope with a large range of different distances between the sensor and the target object.

Depending on the scope, the width measuring systems can be equipped additionally with a temperature, length, and speed measuring system.

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