TopPlan flatness measuring system – more than 100 systems in use worldwide

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More extensive and more precise than conventional laser systems or manual methods of measurement

In heavy plate mills, high demands are not only placed on the flatness, but also on the levelness of the material. The aim is to achieve a plane-parallel plate without crown, ripple, camber, turn-up/turn-down, or twisting. Through joint evaluation of the measuring results of various levelness measuring systems in your production line, it is possible to monitor the development of levelness over various production stages and improve the overall result.

IMS uses a 3D topometric measuring system with high-resolution CCD matrix cameras to measure flatness. Working by the projected fringe technique, the system measures online without coming into contact with the material. The size of the measuring area allows for all possible strip positions in horizontal and vertical direction. The evaluation of the measurement results distinguishes between flatness and levelness measurement.

Depending on the task, the levelness must be determined either while the plate is moving or stationary. Measuring systems with combined pairs of projectors and cameras with identical individual geometries have proven effective for stationary measurement. Such systems inspect the complete surface of heavy plates with four individual systems and combine their results to form an overall picture.

4 individual systems capture the entire surface

In hot rolling and continuous casting mills the flatness values are measured behind the finishing line and sent to a higher-level profile and flatness control system. The material is measured in tension-free state before the coiler tension comes into effect. Compared to conventional laser systems, up to 60 measuring tracks are available across the width of the strip.


  • In your heavy plate mills before or after the hot leveller, at the entry or exit of the cooling section, at the entry to the shearing line, before or after the cold leveller and in the dressing and straightening line

  • In your hot rolling mills in the finishing line or before the coiler

  • In your continuous casting mills or Steckel mills before the cooling section

  • In finishing and tension levelling lines

  • In inspection lines or on inspection tables

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