Thickness Profile Gauge

Thickness Profile Gauge

Quality and economy in the production of heavy plate and hot strip depend decisively on compliance with the tolerances for thickness, thickness profile, width, and flatness. These complex measuring problems are solved in production plants with our thickness profile measuring system.

Thickness profile measuring systems are used in:

  • Heavy plate mills

  • Hot strip mills

  • Continuous casting mills

  • Steckel mills

The measuring systems are implemented in various types and functions depending on the production site and the application in question. The following systems are used:

  Thickness-Twinset-hot Thickness-Triple-hot MiniMaster-hot MultiMaster-hot
  Twinset Triple head MiniMaster MultiMaster
Type of Measurement 1-Point fix
1-Point scanning
AS, Mitte, BS
Thickness x x x x
Centre thickness x x x x
Edge thickness x x x x
Thickness profile x x x x
Wedge and crown x x x x
Width x x
Centre temperature x x x
Temperature profile (opt.) x x x x
Speed (opt.) x x x x
Length (opt.) x x x x
Flatness x
Material position x
Material contour x





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