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Quality and profitability in the production of heavy plate and hot strip depend critically on adherence to a specific thickness tolerance range. The thickness measuring system measures the thickness of the material precisely on the centreline – online and without touching the material.

The measured values are sent to a master AGC thickness control system to attain a specific and constant thickness along the length of the material.

Apart from its fixed position on the centreline, the thickness gauge can also be equipped for thickness profile measurements. In this case the C-frame traverses continuously between the two opposite ends of the material. You can find further information on our hot-strip profile measuring systems here (button/link leads to the page “Thickness Profile Measuring System Hot”).

The gauges are adapted individually to the particular place of installation and are universal in use.

The thickness measuring devices can be equipped additionally with length and speed measuring devices as well as a strip temperature measuring system. They are integrated directly in the C-frame. Thickness measuring systems with strip position angle compensation also deliver precise thickness values in the case of low strip tension and when the material is overhung, wavy or positioned at a slant.

Isotope and X-ray sources may be used as radiation sources in dependence on the measurement range. X-rays have significant advantages over isotopic radiation. They, however, are restricted by the maximum strip thickness. If there is a free choice, X-ray sources are preferred because they measure more accurately.

IMS Messsysteme GmbH set a milestone in X-ray technology in 2008 when it delivered the first thickness measuring system using 320 kV X-ray high voltage. This technology is especially interesting for use in heavy plate mills and blooming trains.

Thickness Measurement

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