Hot Metal Detector (HMD)

Hot Metal Detector (HMD)

Accurate and the fastest of its kind - worldwide


IMS 10-Innov HMD

The IMS Hot Metal Detector serves fast and precise material detection and length measurement in production lines. These properties are essential for control of the shears in your rolling lines because only with them waste can be reduced to a minimum.

In contrast to conventional light barriers, the IMS hot metal detector does not measure the material in just one track.

The new Camera Cluster System (CCS) technology uses area scan cameras as sensors. Both the detection area and the threshold value for evaluation can be defined freely.

Material detection is signalled to higher-level systems via a digital output within 1 ms. The IMS hot metal detector therefore works at least twice as fast as any other sensor suitable for this type of application available on the market.

The detector can detect both hot material on the basis of its infrared characteristic radiation as well as cold material with the help of a backlight.

You can use the hot metal detectors in stand-alone operation or in combination with other IMS products. Due to the scalable measuring field size the systems are suited for your long products as well.

Your challenges

  • Invalid or missing position detection when using light barriers

  • Too slow position detection when using standard camera systems

  • Too large supplier diversity for measuring systems

Our solutions for you

  • Matrix camera with adjustable evaluation area (ROI Region Of Interest)

  • Intelligent high speed processing on the camera

  • One supplier for thickness, width and flatness gauges, and hot metal detectors

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