Camber gauge

IMS links camber measurement with simultaneous high-precision determination of crop length

It is not possible for you to rule out camber in your production. Camber/unstraightness is not only a quality problem. If a certain limit is exceeded, the material can touch the mechanical side guides in your production line, thereby causing damages.


Up to now, the form of the strip head and strip tail has not been considered in calculation of the camber.


The measuring system from IMS is unique in that it simultaneously detects the form and thus the crop length of the material head and tail and takes this into account in calculating the camber.

A multitude of parameters are considered in the calculation of crop length:

  • Safety margins and allowances for samples

  • Minimum and maximum crop lengths

  • Width profile, as well as primarily various head and tail shapes, e.g. fishtail, sliver and their symmetrical properties in length and width direction

Camber Gauge-hot

“For IMS, it is essential that we always have the latest state of the art. In the past, we have always been known for innovative products, which should remain like this in the future.”

Dipl.-Ing. Horst Krauthäuser,
General Manager Research and Development, IMS Messsysteme GmbH

The measured values of the online camber gauge are fed back to the controls, making it possible to set the rolling force and roll gap so that camber can be minimised.

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Production downtime caused by damages of the directional control

Rolling mill power and gap can be regulated directly

Higher material yield
Minimisation of scrap

Optimal control of shears

Deviations of the strip's straightness

Continuous feedback of the measuring signals in rolling process
Several end shapes

Calculation of the cropping length

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