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Shapemeter Roll-cold

Deviations in strip shape can lead to significant process disruptions, damage, quality defects, and even scrapping of the manufactured product. High importance is, therefore, attached to attaining an optimal strip shape both in the production of strip as well as in processing there of in downstream processing lines.

The flatness measuring rolls used by IMS to measure flatness are made of solid steel and have a completely closed roll surface (free of cracks and homogenous). This avoids damage to the strip surface, prevents penetration of dirt and rolling emulsion, and offers various possibilities for coating of the roll surface.

The measured force signals are transmitted between measuring roll and stator digitally and without physical contact. The electronics used are robust, maintenance-free, and need no additional purge air or cooling under normal operating conditions.

The flatness measuring rolls are adapted individually to the particular installation site and process and are therefore suitable for universal use.

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