Force Measurement

Force Measurement

precise - dynamic - fast

IMS 10-Innov Force Gauges

Achieve the highest precision in compliance with all production parameters in your production lines by applying IMS force measuring systems. Experience incomparable quality, flexibility, and durability.

The strain on the bellows, which is manufactured of either steel or aluminium, is measured with wire resistance strain gauges. An in-house developed measuring amplifier, type MMV, processes the measuring data and provides the power for the force sensor.

Several fieldbus interfaces are available. Even in smallest quantities, tailor-made IMS force measuring systems are qualified for retrofitting or replacement of existing third-party systems.

With an internal calibration standard the systems calibrate themselves automatically without any external calibration tools.

We are extending our product portfolio with rolling force measuring systems for plate & hot rolling mills. Currently, an endurance test is taking place in a hot rolling mill at a reference customer.

Your Challenges

  • Unreliable measuring results

  • Severe environmental conditions

  • Production stops due to calibrations

  • High failure rates

  • Limited installation place

  • Existing interfaces

Our Solution

  • Extremely precise, ultrafast, and highly-dynamic sensors

  • Laser welded measuring zones allow the operation in almost all environments

  • Integrated automated calibration

  • High overload capacity

  • Our standard series is oriented on SKF’s dimensions of bearing housings

  • Tailor-made design possible

  • All established interfaces available

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