Width Measurement Camera

Width Measurement Cold Strip

Use of One- or Multi-Camera Systems



You want to measure the complete geometry of your products – quickly, fully, reliably, and with a compact construction ?

One or multi-camera systems are used byIMS to handle the many different measurement tasks. The sensor equipment (CCD cameras) is housed in special protective enclosures in dependence on the place of use and the ambient conditions.

Mobile, high-resolution cameras that follow the strip edge automatically are usually used. Fixed cameras are used for measurement in some cases.

Detection of the material is determined by the choice of lighting, lenses, sensors, and evaluation unit. Through individual design of the lenses, the distance between the material and cameras can vary.


Width measuring systems for cold strip measure the width and strip position and make these values available to you for, for example, centreline control and clean winding of the coil.

The systems can optionally be expanded to also detect edge cracks and holes.

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