Thickness Profile Measurement

Thickness Profile Measurement – Cold

The thickness profile measuring system is an extension of our standard thickness measuring system. These systems measure the material thickness at numerous points across the width of the strip.

The versatility of gauge design enables customised use of the strip thickness measuring system in very different production lines. These systems measure thickness cross and length profiles online without making contact with the material. Isotope or X-ray sources are used as radiation sources depending on the measurement range.

We offer the following types of thickness cross profile measuring systems for cold strip applications:

  • Combined thickness length and cross profile measuring system (twinset, two-head)

  • Multichannel centreline and cross profile measuring system

  • Multichannel centreline and profile measuring system (three-head)

  • Multichannel centreline, profile, and edge drop measuring system (edge drop)

Depending on the application, we offer the following additional systems as add-ons to our thickness profile measuring systems:

  • Laser contour measuring system (Lascon)

  • Width measuring system

  • Hole and edge defect measuring system

  • Speed and length measuring system

The measuring systems are implemented in various types and functions depending on the production site and the application in question. The following systems are used:

  Thickness-Twinset-cold Thickness-Triple-cold Thickness-multi-channel Edge-Drop-cold
  Twinset Three Head Multichannel Edge-Drop
Type of Measurement 1-Point fix
1-Point scanning
2x scanning, 1x fix
Thickness x x x x
Centre Thickness x x x x
Edge Thickness   x x x
Thickness Profile x x x x
Wedge and Crown x x x x
Width   x x x
Speed(optionally) x x x x
Length (optionally) x x x x
Hole, Edge Cracks (optionally) x x x x
Material Position   x x x
Material Contour   x x x


Multi Channel

Three Head/Edge-Drop

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