Thickness Gauge X-ray

Thickness Gauge X-ray

Modern manufacturing and inspection lines are now operated at high speeds and tight tolerances.

Quality and profitability are critically dependent on compliance with the thickness tolerances. With the thickness measurement, the thickness of the material to be measured is accurately recorded in the roller path centre online and contactless. In addition to the fixed position in the roller path centre, thickness measurement can also be performed as a thickness profile measurement. In this case, the measurement bracket traversed continuously between the two edges of the material. Further information on our profile measurement systems in the Cold Rolling Mill can be found under cold thickness profile measurement.

The main advantages of our measurement systems, compared to conventional measuring methods, are in non-contact, continuous, and fast acquisition of the measured values with the highest possible accuracy in real time. The measured values are sent to the parent AGC thickness control to achieve a specific and constant thickness on the measured material.

As radiation sources depending on range, isotopes or X-ray resources can be used. With free choice, X-ray sources are preferably used because of the higher measurement accuracy.

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The measuring points are individually adapted to the particular location and can be used universally.

  • In rolling and processing lines, movable measuring bracket is usually used.
  • If there is no space for measurement bracket available or if the distance between measurement and nip are kept as small as possible, fix measuring points are used. These can be integrated into existing transfer tables or mounted on trusses or swivel arms.

The thickness measurements may be additionally equipped with a length and speed measurement. These can be placed directly in the measuring bracket.

Measuring bar for determining the bandwidth and position or for the detection of hole and edge defects can be laterally adapted to the measuring arms.

Thickness Measurement

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