LasCon Flatness Measuring System

Two lines and you get a result

Strip contour changings lead to measuring errors, especially in multi-channel thickness profile measuring systems with inclined chambers. Using the LasCon system, strip contour changings can be detected and used as correction values for the radiometric thickness profile system. The system can provide highly precise strip flatness measurements.

The LasCon-system consists of two lasers and a CCD array camera. For this, the lasers project two lines on the strip, the positions and shapes of which are then detected by the camera. An image of the strip surface is then generated by observing the height distribution. A mathematical analysis of the data determines the form and various elongations (unflatness) of the strip and makes them available as I-Units. If higher resolutions are required or the fitting height is restricted, it is possible to use more cameras.

The LasCon System can be integrated into other measuring systems both electrically and mechanically or used as stand-alone version.

The LasCon system measures the following parameters :

Strip width

Centre line deviation (position)

Strip contour (residual curvature, camber)

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