Coating Measurement X-ray

Coating Measurement X-Ray

Flexible design, maintenance-free measuring head - it's worth comparing

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To measure the weight per unit area and the thickness of the metallic pads (eg zinc, zinc/iron, zinc/aluminium, zinc/magnesium, tin, aluminium, chromium, lead) sets IMS for over 20 years exclusively X-ray systems in your production lines.
Three different versions of measuring points are used:

  • Traverse
  • O-Frame
  • C-Frame

Depending on the measuring task, different probes are used. They differ by the type of detectors used (ionisation) and X-ray tube, in addition, the number of detectors vary in a measuring head. The measuring distance of the measuring heads to the tape is between 55 and 80mm!

The software offers various movement programs. Individual parameterisation is easy.


To measure coatings on the top and bottom sides of strip, two traverses placed at deflection rolls or at a S-roll stand are needed. The strip is guided on the rolls optimally sothat passline variations do not occur (except when the thickness of the strip changes). Unflatness in the strip in longitudinal or transverse direction has no influence on the measuring result.


Apart from small space requirement, the O-frame version of gauge offers the advantage of easy installation. To stabilise the passline of the strip, it may be necessary to install support rolls before and after the gauge. As in the traverse version, the travel movements of the individual measuring heads can be carried out independently of each other.


The C-frame for a coat measuring system is similar in assembly to that of a thickness gauge. The measuring heads for the top and bottom sides of the strip always measure the coat thickness at the same point in strip cross direction at every point in time. Here, too, it may be necessary to install support rolls before and after the gauge to stabilise the passline of the strip.

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Flexible design

Different tag types to choose from


Dimensions of the measuring points variable

Maintenance-free measuring head

Use of maintenance-free X-ray components

Large measurement distances

Compare the measured distances of our measuring heads with those of competitors

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