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You want to know how thick your individual organic coats are?

Coil coating is the continuous organic coating of cold-rolled, usually galvanised steel or aluminium. Due to the many different applications of lacquered surfaces, not only are a variety of base materials, but also dozens of different types of lacquer and hundreds of different kinds of lacquer used. And you want to measure them?

The beta backscatter measuring system offers a measuring process with whose help the coat thickness of different layers of lacquer can be determined in your production line without much calibration work – regardless of

  • the base material,
  • the type of lacquer,
  • the kind and batch of lacquer,
  • the colour,
  • the mass per unit area, and
  • the surface finish.

IMS coat measuring systems measure the thickness of individual coat layers (priming and top coat) applied in coil coating.

The mass per unit area of the coat is determined in plastic or hardened state on the top and bottom sides of the strip (separate measurements).

Depending on your requirements, wet or dry gauges are used. The wet gauges are installed directly behind the coater and supply measured values for quick coat control. Dry gauges are installed behind the respective drying furnace.


Are you in a position to control your coater?

IMS is the only supplier of measuring systems worldwide that can supply a suitable coat control for control of the coater in addition to the measuring system itself.

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