CCS-Sheet-/Plate Geometry Measurement

Sheet-/Plate Geometry Measurement

A common reason for complaints regarding metal sheets and plates is the exceed of tolerance limits for length, width, diagonals and squareness. The re­quirements of the processing industry are becoming ever higher and more difficult to implement. Due to a high variation in material properties, surface finishes, lengths, widths and thicknesses, production plants are increasingly being pushed to their limits.

The camera cluster systems, which are unique throughout the world, reduce the time needed for measurement and data processing to a few fracti­ons of a second. The systems deliver measurement results with extremely high accuracy from the first to the last cut sheet. Transgressions of length, width and squareness tolerances are detected immediately during production and indicated. You can intervene before producing rejects.  The end customers are given quality reports on every single sheet delivered, thus ensuring 100% quality assurance.

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Sheet-/Plate Geometry Measurement

Away from the spot quality checkst o 100% Inspection

Continuous sheet measurement from the first to the last one with extremely high accuracy

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